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  • human characters

  • Fantasy related topics

  • Animals (smaller ones like Dogs and Cats etc.)

  • Landscapes/Backgrounds

  • Nudity to a certain degree

  • Character/Cosplay Designs


  • SciFi related Topics

  • Furries

  • Animals (bigger ones like Horses etc.)

  • Monsters

  • Vehicles

  • Logos

What is the procedure?

  • After I've accepted your order, I'll make a sketch.

  • As soon as you agree with the sketch I will send you an invoice via Paypal. 

  • When it is paid, I will continue with your order and finish it.

What do you get?

  • For Twitch you get the files in exact size in .png or .jpg Format:

Emotes (112px/56px/28px 72dpi)

Sub Badges (72px/36px/18px 72dpi)

all other Graphics (min. 256px 72dpi)

  • Illustrations min. A4 in .jpg Format (2480x3508px 300dpi)

How long does it take to get the job done?


  • For smaller orders e.g. Emotes (max. 1 week)

  • For larger orders e.g. Artworks (1-2 weeks)

Is there a way to prioritize my commission?

  • For an extra charge of 25€ per order, I will start with your order immediately.

  • This offer depends on the size of the order

Can I use my Commission for Merchandise?

  • No, all my commissions are for pesonal use and non-profit only. If you want to use your Artwork for commercial use pls contact me for further Details. Additional costs will be incurred.

Can I use my Commission for personal use?


  • Yes, you may use your order for personal purposes, such as printing it out and hanging it up or giving it away. You may also use emotes etc. on Twitch to embellish and design your channel.

For further informations visit my T.O.S.

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